Sustainability Ambassador Funding Support

1 Planet Only deeply respects sustainability & SDG training, workshop, project & activity in educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities & academies.

All information in the form will be used to decide on the funding application. You will receive an auto acknowledgment email of your application, which may go to your junk/spam folder. If your organisation server blocks emails from unknown organisations then may we request your organisation to add & to the safe sender list.

We hope to support many educational organisation with sustainability ambassadorship; however, we have extremely limited resources to reply to each email related to funding. So please do not expect us to reply to any of your emails related to funding.


  1. This form should be filled out by the existing SPSC Ambassador only.
  2. The below form is ONLY for funding of Sustainability Ambassadorship/Membership fees of SPSC – UK.
  3. Our decision of funding will be sent directly to SPSC – UK in a week, so may we request to avoid any emails to us.
  4. We expect you to provide some information about how this ambassadorship will help your organisation.
  5. Organisation head should sign the letter of a fee waiver on the letterhead of the organisation. We expect you to attach this letter.

Sustainability Ambassador Funding Request Form